Buddy Staigerwald Postions 

Job Development
Bud is a Master Electrician who has worked for BGE for 27 years. He is dedicated to bringing high paying, skilled labor jobs back to his district.  During his last campaign for County Council, Bud was endorsed by many of the labor unions.  He believes in the unions and will support unionized labor. Trade Point Atlantic will be the perfect opportunity for Job development in this area.

Bud is a member of the Southeast Area Advisory Council/Baltimore County School Board. He is interested in teaching trades and forming internships for young people to be involved in skilled labor professions.

Public Safety/Crime
Bud has been involved with the Volunteer Fire Service for 25 years as a member and in a leadership capacity, twice as President of the entire Baltimore County Association. He knows the importance of public safety understands the effects of crime on communities and the importance of disaster preparedness. He believes it is of the utmost importance to ensure that our people and assets are safe and protected. He has seen firsthand the destruction of our communities and families caused by the opioid epidemic which has led to crime and disintegrating neighborhoods.

Leadership & Community Involvement
Bud is a member and a leader in many political organizations, civic organizations and a Chairperson for Recreation and Parks. He believes in giving back to the community and the importance of volunteerism and mentoring.  He leads by example and works side-by-side with all members of the community and has for many years.

Veterans Issues/ Fort Howard
Bud is concerned for our veterans and their struggle to receive good affordable health care in our area. The process they have to go through to attain what they deserve must be addressed, they deserve our respect, gratitude and help with these matters. What happens to the Fort Howard property is also a main concern for Bud and he will be involved in this process for the people.

Champion of the People
Bud successfully fought to save the North Point Government Center from developers and politicians who were trying to sell county assets belonging to the people for monetary gain. He was successful in stopping this outrage and worked with Peter Franchot and Governor Hogan, garnering their support in thwarting this plan. Bud believes in preserving what we have while embracing the future.  He is working with State Comptroller Franchot and Governor Hogan to help the community reinvigorate the eastside community, starting with the Government Center.  He knows how to cross the aisle, in a non-partisan way to do what needs to be done to create opportunity for our community and bring pride back to the eastside of Baltimore County.

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